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Georgia Sports Park’s Mission Statement :
We will positively contribute to the Community in the Tri-Cities and South Fulton Area by developing and operating a Sports Park that serves the recreational needs of the Local, Metro, State, and Regional Areas. The main goals of GSP are:
  • to promote healthy lifestyles, character and responsible citizenship through sports, 
  • to improve the health and quality of life in the community, 
  • and to preserve green space in one of Atlanta's fastest developing areas.

The mission of the Georgia Soccer Development Foundation (GSDF), which operates Georgia Sports Park (GSP), is based on facilitating team sports but has a much wider scope:  
  • Promote healthy lifestyles by facilitating a variety of sports programs and the benefits those programs bring to the Community.
  • By providing a family friendly and ethnically diverse location for sports programs, contribute to the personal development of youth and adults in the Community by the lessons learned through participation in team sports, such as self-discipline, self confidence, leadership, teamwork, communication, commitment, and good sportsmanship.
  • Create opportunity and support for local economically-disadvantaged or physically or mentally challenged youth, by donating field space (and classroom space when built) to programs that reach out to the youth in need.
  • Excite an under-served Community of Atlanta, who are deprived of sufficient public park space for recreation, to improve their quality of life through sports and get the opportunities and benefits inherent in those programs.
  • Foster player development and competition by bringing together diverse groups of people for training and competition so individuals can learn from each other and gain valuable life experience.
  • Provide a positive economic impact to the community by bringing local, regional, and national events to the area and help generate income and jobs in the local Community.
  • Serve as a model and informational resource for others who want to develop, operate, and/or maintain sports parks and high quality sports fields in a sustainable fashion.


Passion for Parks:
We are passionate about providing green space to Metro Atlanta, which by any measure is low on park space and sports fields. We hope to improve access to healthy lifestyles and recreational opportunities in our local community, while at the same time preserving the green space in a fast developing area of Atlanta.

We believe, as Georgia citizens, we have an obligation to ensure that the youth in our community continue to grow not only physically but mentally as well.  Providing a facility for After-School Programs and other organizations who contribute to the education of the children in the area is of utmost importance.

Quality of Life:
We believe that we must strive to help increase the quality of life enjoyed by the Tri-Cities/South Fulton County Community.  We will promote health and character through the promotion of team sports, not only to the public in general, but to economically disadvantaged, physically and mentally challenged individuals as well. We will provide services without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex or creed.

Collaboration and Partnerships:
We value the participation and the building of strong partnerships between our Park and the Citizens and businesses in our surrounding communities.  We respect the values and opinions of the Citizens, recognizing that they are an important part of our team.  Building relationships with other non-profit organizations is one of our main goals and we welcome their involvement in our park.

Integrity in Youth Athletics:
We recognize the benefits of team sports for our youth and seek to make the sports experience safe, fun and healthy for ALL children. In addition, we promote the value and importance of sports and physical activities in the emotional, physical, social and mental development of youth. We believe that participation in sports and activities develops important character traits and lifelong values.  Participation in sports is known to provide a positive impact on the lives of youngsters.