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GSP Needs Your Cooperation with Important Rules:

Please help us keep GSP's natural turf fields safe and in great condition by respecting the following rules:

  1. Always make sure the goals are anchored. 
  2. No practicing or warming up (even before matches) in the goal areas.
  3. Please warm up in the corner areas as much as possible.
  4. Please respect and enjoy the park.
  5. See below for other park rules and policies.

  • Always anchor goals
  • $1 per car parking fee
  • No entry onto playing fields without permit 
  • No warming up or practicing in the goal areas
  • No smoking
  • No alcohol or drug use
  • No fighting
  • No weapons
  • No pets
  • No littering
  • No gum – please dispose of gum in a trashcan, not the parking lot or grass.
  • No spitting sunflower seeds or other shells on the ground
  • No glass bottles/containers
  • No professional cameras, GSP reserves the rights to images taken at the park
  • No vehicles/bicycles on playing fields
  • Please use the restroom facilities if needed
  • Individuals using this facility do so at their own risk
  • Conduct within the facility should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship and respect for others and the park
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime

      Espanol - Reglas Del Parque    

  • Hay que tener un permiso para usar las canchas
  • No practicar en las porterias
  • Siempre anclar las porterias
  • Prohibido fumar en el parque
  • No se permiten animales domesticos
  • No chiclets, arroje la goma de mascar en el basurero
  • No “Semillas de Sunflower”
  • Prohibido frascos de cristal o botellas
  • Prohibido camaras profesionales
  • Prohibido bebidas alcoholicas
  • Prohibidas cualquier tipo de arma
  • Prohibido peleas
  • No se permiten bicicletas o vehículos en las canchas
  • Se permite utilizar los baños
  • El uso de estas premisas es a su propio riesgo
  • Se espera que la conducta en este parque sea de buen deportista
  • La administración se reserva el derecho de negarle el uso de este parque a cualquiera en cualquier momento.