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Georgia Sports Park currently has 6 of the planned 16 fields open, and a diverse group of people enjoy the high quality natural grass fields on a regular basis.  The park is open by reservation only, and the fields are off limits to anyone without a reservation.  No "pick-up" play is allowed.   If you want to play at the park please join a program that uses the fields...see Programs page for more info.  GSP donates field space to some non-profit programs for under-served youth. The fields can be rented by organizations in the community for matches, games, tournaments, camps, practices, for a variety of sports and special events.

Rental Per One Field *




One Time Rental

$250 / 2 hours

$120 / 90 minutes


Season Long Rental

$170 / 2 hours

$90 / 90 minutes






* Field Rental Fees May Vary Depending on Wear to the Natural Grass Fields.
For Soccer Matches Rental Includes One Full Size (11v11) Field and All Field Prep. (lines, goals, nets, benches, and corner flags).

ALL Field Tenants Must Have Appropriate Liability and/or Medical Insurance Coverage.

Please contact Ken with questions on field availablity and rental. 

Field Scheduler:    Ken Kurilec

Cell Phone:             770-241-8197
[email protected]