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GSP supports teams, leagues and sports programs by providing a first class field facility to the Community for its Sports Organizations, including a wide variety of events, leagues, tournaments, organizations and sports, but at this time GSP does not run any sports programs itself.  

GSP makes field space available through field reservations for sports organizations.    

If you are and individual looking to play at GSP or are looking for a sports program for your child to join, please see the list below to learn more about the programs hosted at GSP by the park's partners and tenants.  
Partner Programs of GSP listed first here.  Keep reading below to see other sports programs available at GSP.  
GSP Partner Programs:
Youth Soccer: Concorde Fire Soccer Club
(currently Concorde has no local recreational youth soccer program at GSP...see below for Tiger Soccer Club or Olympic Atlanta Soccer Club)
Youth and Adult Ultimate: Atlanta Flying Disc Club
Organizations by Sport:
Youth Soccer:    
  • Concorde Fire Soccer Club  (Currently no recreational program at GSP)
Adult Soccer: 
Youth and Adult Ultimate: 
Gaelic Football:
High School and Middle School Soccer, Ultimate, and Cross Country:

Partner Programs

(Click the above logo for Youth Soccer)

(Click the above logo for Youth or Adult Ulitmate)

(Click the above logo for Adult Soccer)

Looking to join a team?  
Please click on the partner's logo or tenant name to contact them and join a team that plays at GSP.
Enjoy the Park!

GSP supports programs by providing a first class field facility, but 
at this time GSP does not run any sports programs itself.
GSP makes field space available to organizations in the community, through field reservations.  If you want to reserve a field please contact Tom. 
 If you are looking to participate in a program or are looking for a team or a league for your child, please visit the links to GSP's partners and tenants' programs below so you can begin playing at the Park.
 If you don't find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to call Tom.