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   Bleachers at GSP Minimize
The Luke Project, operators of the Luke Sports Middle School Soccer Program hosted by GSP this Spring, has donated some bleacher seating to GSP. Check back here later for photos and more information about this generous donation that will add to everyone's enjoyment of the park.  Thank you, Jeff Gorman and Luke Sports!  
For more information about Luke Sports and The Luke Project click here or on their link on the Programs page, and come see them in action on their Fridays and Wednesdays this Spring at GSP.  Their full schedule is available through these links.

   Classroom Building Minimize

GSP is working hard to raise the funds necessary to construct a multipurpose classroom building at the park.  This building will have a 50 seat classroom for a variety of educational programs, including after-school programs for disadvantaged youth, sports education programs, courses for coaches and officials, community meeting space, and this main room will double as a study-hall for students when not in use.  The building will also have all the other amenities desired at a park facility, including bathrooms, a concessions and vending area, and the park manager's office.
We have done all the planning for the highly functional and sustainable building design with Lord Aeck & Sargent, and are ready to build (with your help).  Please contact Tom Deaver if you would like to help make this next step in the park's development a reality, and do something to greatly increase the enjoyment of the park for the community.